Best time to travel to Peru

If you are passionate about the civilizations of ancient times and the mysterious ways in which they achieved a great agricultural, urban and architectural development, surely you have already chosen the Ruins of Machu Pichu, in Peru, as an inescapable destination, for their heritage values ​​and their condition of wonder of the world.

Best time to travel to Peru

From September to May, the best time to travel to Peru

Tourists choose when to go, according to their needs and preferences. That is why in this article we give you several options. For example, if you are one of those who like hiking, the months of June, July and August are perfect for this activity, due to the scarce rains that characterize this period. While, from December to March is the perfect time to enjoy the beach and surf.

On the other hand, from September to November and from March to May, there is a pleasant climate and less influx of travelers, which causes a reduction in services. For this reason, the time from September to May is considered the best time to travel to Peru.

Best time to travel to Machu Pichu

These jewels of universal architecture, which show a healthy union between man and nature, are located in the Urubamba Cusco. Although this area can be visited throughout the year, it is advisable to go between April and October, because in this period of time the dry season is included, and it would be counterproductive to make this excursion in the rain.

Among the most impressive places are the Solar Observatory, which has the structure of a labyrinth, the Casa del Guardián, with a strategic view of the place, and the Casa del Inca, which is presumed to be the home of the political chief of this civilization.

Best time to travel to Lima

A very attractive suggestion for your trip, is to know Lima, the capital of this country. The Historic Center of the city, is considered a World Heritage Site, for the valuable buildings of the sixteenth century that are treasured there. The Miraflores district is famous for its shopping centers, bars and nightclubs, while Punta Negra, Punta Hermosa, Santa María and Barrancadero spas offer tourists the necessary comfort to enjoy the beautiful beaches.

The embankments of the Costa Verde, the Magical Water Circuit, in the district of Santa Beatriz, and the Parque de la Reserva, are places you should not miss when you pass through the Peruvian capital.

Best time to visit Lake Titicaca

The perfect months to visit Lake Titicaca are between April and December. The weather that you can enjoy in this period is strong sun for the day and cold nights.

Lake Titicaca is known throughout the world and is in the Andean Altiplano. For travelers who are used to exploring in natural landscapes of extreme weather, this is a unique opportunity. In the area where it is located there is an average temperature of 13 ° C and it is important to know that in the summer months, this region is affected by storms and floods.
We must remember that being in the southern hemisphere the summer months in Peru are: January, February and March.

Prices in Peru

If you have already reported on the best time to visit Peru and the most attractive places, you are in a position to make a travel itinerary, so that you plan your stay, reduce the possibility of unforeseen events and above all, prepare a budget that allows you to enjoy fully your vacation.

The currency of Peru is the Sun and daily, the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, sets the exchange rate against the dollar, so it is necessary to be vigilant and choose a good day to change the money.

According to the experience of many travelers, tourism in that country is not very expensive. However, it is necessary to take into account dangerous details that can lead you to spend more than you imagined.

Among the most expensive services are the tourist tours, and an alternative is precisely to plan the trip in advance, and do without them. Transportation can also be expensive, and a good idea is to use public buses, if you can not afford to pay a taxi.


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